Terms and Conditions


The hardware warranty is provided by Winco (Pacific) Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Winco"). To be eligible for the hardware warranty, you must register your product on the distributor's website. Please ensure that you fill in all the required product information and customer information accurately. Remember to complete the product registration for warranty within 7 days.

For your convenience, you can register your product for warranty by visiting the following website: http://www.winco.com.hk/registration. Thank you for your cooperation.

A. Warranty (Carry-in)

Service center address: Unit B, 7th Floor, 52 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Service hours: Monday to Friday: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
                          Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays: Closed
                          Lunch break: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
                          Hotline: (852) 3619-8822

B. Terms

1. To be eligible for service, users must present the Warranty Sticker (Figure 1) and the official purchase Invoice (Figure 2). Upon receiving the product, Winco will provide the customer with a repair form, which the customer must keep for future product retrieval.
Figure 1

Figure 2

2. If the purchase proof is not provided, Winco will determine the eligibility based on the product serial number and charge an administrative fee of HKD $100. 

3. If a malfunction occurs during the warranty period and is confirmed by Winco's technical staff to be a normal occurrence, Winco will provide free repair and replacement services for the defective product.

4. All replaced parts will remain the property of Winco.

5. If the replacement parts for the repaired device are no longer available or discontinued, Winco will provide a replacement product of equal or higher grade.

6. Winco is not responsible for any data loss that may occur during the inspection or repair of the goods..

7.The repaired product will not receive an additional warranty period; the warranty coverage will be based on the original purchase date of the product.

8.Customers are required to collect their repaired goods within one month. Winco will not be held responsible for expired unclaimed goods and reserves the right to dispose of them.

C. Your Responsibilities

If your NETGEAR product is capable of recording or other information, you should make periodic backup copies of the information contained on the storage media to protect the contents and as a precaution against possible operational failures. During warranty service or any other technical support, it is possible that the contents of the NETGEAR product’s storage media will be lost, replaced, or reformatted. In such an event Winco and its agents are not responsible for any loss of data or other information contained on the storage media.

D. Limitations:
Winco is unable to accept any products that have been altered. Alterations will void any warranties the products may have, or had. Examples of alterations may include:

- Counterfeit NETGEAR Product Label(s).
- Products with any of the labels missing.
- Jumpers, wires, or any other mechanical/electronic parts are added to the product.
- Any part or component is removed from the original product.
- PCBA/Lens/Housing/Other Parts are disassembled then assembled incorrectly.
- Any attempt to repair or alter a product outside of a NETGEAR Service Center.
- Labels have been switched:
- Genuine NETGEAR labels on non-NETGEAR products.
- Genuine NETGEAR label(s) on different NETGEAR product(s).
- Labels exhibit tampering.
- Label missing standard printing such as FCC, UL or Serial Number or Model Name.
- Serial number on a product does not match with the packaging for such product.
- Any other change in original state of the product.

Any physical, or accidental, damage to a product will void any warranties the products may have, or had. Examples of physical, or accidental, damage may include:
- Broken pins on connectors
- Blown power board due to applying wrong voltage and/or current
- Connector(s) are damaged, cracked, missing or broken
- Damaged components on the circuit boards
- Dented product case / housing
- Torn or punctured lens cover, case and/or any other parts
- Deep scratch on the Product
- Loose, damaged, or missing screws
- Missing circuit board(s)
- Obscured fan/heater parts (if applicable)
- Stripped mounting hole threads

E. Other Terms and Conditions:

- Winco reserves its rights to examine and test any returned products to determine the actual cause of damage and/or defect on the returned products
- All parts and accessories must be returned in their original packaging in order to receive a replacement.
- If the malfunction of a part is determined to be due to a Customer Induced Defect or Damage (“CID”) including but not limited to an attempted repair, unauthorized repair, accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, improper maintenance, installation and connection, malfunction of a peripheral device(s), rust or deterioration caused by improper storage, an invoice for extra service fees for repair charges, shipping costs, and other applicable expenses will be issued.
- If the malfunction of a product is determined to be due to CID after a replacement product has already been shipped, an invoice for the replacement product will be issued.
- Winco may choose to amend this RMA Policy, in part or its entirety, at any time, with, or without, notice.