In order to protect the rights and interests of users, please be sure to read all the contents of this consent form in detail before using the services of this platform, and agree to abide by the following regulations to use any services provided by this platform:

(A) User rights and interests

The protection of personal data on this website complies with the "Personal Data Privacy Ordinance" of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. This website will never collect, process, utilize or internationally transfer users' personal information to third parties without the user's authorization.

If this website provides various multimedia-related services to users (including, but not limited to, members of this website), it will not be responsible for the text, images, files, etc. uploaded by users, published on this website, or displayed through this website as a medium. For images, sounds, codes, or other types of information, the user agrees and authorizes the operator of this website to comply with the relevant laws and regulations on privacy protection and the privacy protection policy of this website, and does not violate intellectual property rights. Subject to the laws related to property rights and the Personal Data Privacy Ordinance, the above text, graphics, images, sounds, program codes, or other types of information may be reproduced, modified, or modified based on the needs of the services provided. Edit, use, distribute, transmit, publicly display, and publicly broadcast; each user of this website who uploads, publishes, or provides the above information still retains ownership rights and all relevant rights to the above information that he or she uploads, publishes, or provides. intellectual property rights.

The operator of this website, on the premise of complying with the relevant laws and regulations on privacy rights and the privacy protection policy of this website, and not violating the relevant laws and regulations on intellectual property rights and the personal data privacy regulations, is required to manage this website. The Company has the right and may, as appropriate, supervise, review and screen any text, graphics, images, sounds, codes, or other types of information uploaded or published or existing on this website.

On the premise of complying with the Personal Data Privacy Ordinance, this website may collect users' personal information through different methods. In addition to collecting personal information when members register, various services or activities held on this website in the future may also ask users to obtain personal information that is repeated or different from the previous one.

When a user registers or logs in to this website, this website will place a cookie (i.e. a series of text and numbers) on the user's hard drive to confirm, store and sometimes track the user's identity and account information. As part of providing personalized services), when the user re-enters this website in the future, the cookie will be sent to the administrator of this website, so that the operator of this website can know the services used by the user and the content browsed and the time the user browsed. Other companies that provide services, sell goods, or place advertisements on this website may also collect users' personal information through their own cookies. This website has no control over the company's collection or use of personal data. If users have any doubts about the company's collection and use of personal data, they should directly contact the company that provides services, sells goods, or advertises. connection.

Users' personal information is strictly protected and cannot be accessed by outsiders except those with maintenance rights on this platform. The maintenance personnel of this website are not allowed to use, leak or assist in leaking your personal information without permission.

The server of this website uses platform analysis software to record information such as the way web pages are viewed and the domain names from which the traffic comes. This information does not involve the user's personal identity, and will be used as the basis for the improvement of the platform's content, services, and systems. In addition to being used internally by the site, it may also be provided to advertisers under the principle of prudence as the basis for evaluating the effectiveness of advertisements.

The personal information sent by the user during membership registration on this website may be used to provide other information or services to the user, as member statistical data, to conduct surveys or research on network behavior, or for any legal use

(B) Modification of website usage specifications

The owner or operator of this website has the right to add, delete, and modify its content and form at any time for any information provided by itself that constitutes the content of this platform.

The owner and operator of this website has the right to add, delete, or modify part or all of this member registration agreement and other legal statements of this website at any time, and announce it on this website. After the announcement, if users of this platform continue to use the content of this website, or use this website after adding, deleting, or modifying it, they are deemed to have fully read, known, understood and agreed to abide by this member registration agreement and this website. Modifications and changes of other legal notices.

(C) Service stop and change

This website reserves the right to stop or change the content of various services or terminate any account service at any time without prior notice.

This website also has the right to stop or interrupt the provision of services when one of the following circumstances occurs:

(1) When performing necessary maintenance and construction on the host, network and other electronic communication equipment of this website.

(2) When a sudden equipment failure occurs.

(3) When the electronic communication service applied for by this website is stopped for any reason and the service cannot be provided.

(4) When the platform is unable to provide services due to force majeure factors such as natural disasters

If this website is completely or partially interrupted, temporarily unavailable, delayed, or temporarily unavailable due to the failure or failure of the software and hardware equipment of the network system of the company's network maintenance provider, other third-party manufacturers, or related telecommunications operators, or human negligence in operation. Errors in data transmission or storage, or tampering or forgery or alteration of data by a third party intruding into the system shall not be liable for any compensation or compensation to the user.

(D) Privacy protection

Users agree that this website and its affiliated companies or partners may use their personal information within the scope permitted by law to provide users with other services or to prepare membership statistics based on users' personal information.

With regard to the personal information logged in or retained by the user, except for the following circumstances, this website agrees that it will not disclose the personal information provided and retained by the user to people other than the necessary personnel for the operation and management of the platform without the authorization of the user. material:

(1) Based on the provisions of the law.

(2) At the request of laws or administrative and judicial agencies.

(3) In case of emergency, it is necessary to protect the personal safety of the website owners, managers, and other third parties (including other members).

(E) Code and password storage

After registering and obtaining an account, please keep it safe. This account can only be held or used by the user personally and may not be lent, resold, or provided to third parties in any form. If personal information is leaked, lost, or unable to attend classes due to this, the user shall be solely responsible. This website reserves the right to refuse users to register for classes on this website.

If the user discovers that his or her account has been used illegally or that there is any abnormality that undermines the security of use, the user should immediately notify this website of the relevant situation.

(F) Responsibilities and obligations

Users of this website and manufacturers or individuals who entrust this website to publish advertisements, consumption or transaction information (hereinafter referred to as advertisers) should all know, understand and agree to the following normative content:

(1) Do not use this website for illegal purposes or in illegal ways, or publish illegal advertisements or consumer transaction information on this website. In particular, it is not allowed to use this website to engage in illegal transactions (including but not limited to: selling or luring to sell or transporting knives, guns, narcotics, counterfeit drugs, prohibited drugs, or other products that are prohibited and controlled by laws and regulations) The sale, inducement to sell, or transport, or provide downloading of pirated software, or any counterfeit products that infringe on intellectual property rights, or other prohibited items; dissemination or delivery of materials or messages with obscene remarks; enticement or mediation of sexual intercourse, etc.).

(2) It is not allowed to use this website to publish or transmit any text, image files, programs or any other form of information that violates public order and good customs, or leads people to violate public order and good customs.

(3) Do not use this website to link with any website whose content is illegal, or whose owner or operator violates the law, or that is harmful to public order and good customs.

(4) Do not use this website to spread or transmit computer viruses.

When using this website or placing advertisements on this website, you will comply with the laws of the country and region where the user belongs, as well as the international practices of using the Internet. You are not allowed to use this website to harm any third party (including but not limited to: other users, the owners and operators of this website, and their affiliated companies, and their employees, agents, representatives, consultants, and this website). Manufacturers and advertisers who cooperate in providing services) have the following conditions:

(1) Acts that infringe on a third party’s reputation (including but not limited to defamation and public insult), privacy, and intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents, copyrights, business secrets, and other intellectual property rights).

(2) Use the name of a third party to enter and use any services of this website, or publish advertisements or consumer transaction information.

(3) Use this website to commit any breach of contract to a third party.

Users are not allowed to provide false, outdated or incomplete personal information when registering as a member.

This website has the final decision on whether the user's behavior complies with this specification. If this website believes that a user's behavior may violate these regulations or any laws, it may terminate its right to use the relevant services of this website at any time, and may terminate the account of a specific user or remove or destroy the uploads of a specific user without prior notice. , or any text, graphic files, images, sounds, programs, codes, or other types of information published or existing on this website.

(G) Declaration of Intellectual Property Ownership and Protection

The original or derived intellectual property rights regarding the programs, methods and steps used in the establishment, addition, deletion and modification of this website, as well as the text, graphics, and data that constitute the content of this website, belong to the owner of this website or other providers or rights respectively. Everyone owns it. Without the consent, authorization or compulsory authorization of the respective intellectual property rights holders, no one may reproduce, publicly broadcast or disclose the above-mentioned texts, graphics, images, sounds, program codes, methods and steps and other materials with intellectual property rights. Display, transfer or open to the public for use, publication, modification, editing, dissemination, rental, use, sale, implementation. If violated, the owner or manager of this website or the intellectual property rights holders will be harmed. Otherwise, the tortfeasor shall be liable for damages.

The ownership of the trademarks or service marks used on this website and all trademark rights enjoyed by law belong to this website.

Users and advertisers of this website guarantee that no text, graphics, images, sounds, programs, codes or other materials they upload, publish, or display through this website are intentionally or negligently infringing, or Improper use of a third party's trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret or other intellectual property rights. If there is a violation that causes damage to a third party, the user or advertiser who violated the regulations shall be liable for damages to the third party. This website shall not be liable for any damages claimed or requested by a third party due to the above-mentioned infringement.

If a user or advertiser of this website violates the preceding guarantee and a third party files a lawsuit against this website, the user or advertiser shall unconditionally cooperate and assist the owner or manager of this website in responding to the lawsuit or settling the lawsuit. If this website is damaged as a result, the owner or manager of this website shall be liable for damages and all expenses arising from the litigation (including but not limited to attorney fees, expert witness fees, appraisal fees, etc.) costs and litigation costs).

(H) Effectiveness of individual clauses

When all or part of any membership terms stipulated in this agreement is invalid, the validity of other terms will not be affected.

(I) Jurisdictional court

The interpretation and application of this consent form, as well as the rights and obligations arising from the use of this service and this website, shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. The resulting controversy.